Because I do not teach, I looked for apps in coaching.  I was surprised to see the types of apps that are out there. iHoops.com had some pretty good options such as apps that allow you to keep track of real-time stats, shot charts, make scouting reports, an organization and logistics task manager, and networking (HoopCoach.org is referred to as the LinkedIn for basketball coaches). 
Some of them are free while others cost around $5. Though I haven't downloaded any, I see many positive uses for several of them. I have already looked into HoopCoach.org and think that electronically keeping track of the stats, etc. would be a time saver and a definite plus for those looking to shift from the traditional clipboard. I also found an app called Basketball  coach's  clipboard on the iTunes store. This app allows you to draw up plays on your iPad. I'm not too sold on using an iPad to draw plays during a game. I do not think this is something that I would use but I do see the potential appeal for some. The main benefit that I see is the convenience and ease with which some basketball tasks can be completed.

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    Dexter Young, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Fresno Pacific University, is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Kinesiology.  


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