• LinkedIn: 
  1. LinkedIn is easy to set up
  2. LinkedIn is great for networking with other professionals
  • Personal Web Site:
  1. Site hosting is easy and convenient through sites such as Weebly
  2. A personal website allows you to express and represent yourself, team, program, etc.
  • Plaxo:
  1. Plaxo helps keep track of contact information that changes frequently
  2. It also allows you to keep track of contact information from multiple places


  • LinkedIn:
  1. Linked in does not offer flexibility in formatting
  2. LinkedIn charges to send inmail to prospective contacts
  • Personal Web Site:
  1. You must pay for some of the fancier upgrade features
  2. The site may be difficult to find without knowing the web address
  • Plaxo
  1. The contact information is only accurate assuming the information is updated
  2. You may or may not know that the information is outdated (features that help with this require an upgrade and fee)

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