Over the course of the last few weeks, we have learned about several technologies, many of which were new to me. These include personal web pages, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, PearlTrees, and, blogging. I think all of these have the potential to be used in my profession of coaching in some manner. I see the biggest links with the webpage and Twitter. The webpage allows fans (and others) to keep track of information about the team such as the roster, stats, schedule, and even watch live game footage as can be done with the FPU athletics page. A webpage can also be used internally to communicate information to the team and even post videos and footage or team resources.  Twitter is being used by many coaches to keep a social presence amongst fans. Updates about the game, acknowledgement of fans and support, or even big announcements are a few other ways that the use of Twitter has been integrated into coaching.

I think you are so right about the use of technology in coaching. Webpages, twitter, and so many other social media outlets are great ways to not only get information out to fans about your team, but also to your players. I've seen so many coaches fall into texting with thier players to let them know practice times, when the bus will be there, etc. It's a dangerous things to be communicating via text message with students and athletes Twitter, for example, is a great way to put the info out there for everyone and not have the individual communication with players.
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    Dexter Young, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Fresno Pacific University, is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Kinesiology.  


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