The articles presented a compelling case for the use of iPods and podcasting in education. The articles we read were related to podcasts in higher education but I have heard of elementary students completing assignments involving iPods and creating their own podcasts (with assistance, of course). 

I think podcasts would be a great supplemental piece to course resources. I could see it's potential for supplanting face to face classes. I'm sure students would rather listen to a podcast at their convenience or leisure than attend class any day. I think that there is definite value in the face to face interaction that comes along with attending class with the added benefit of being able to hear or see the information again later on.

I used to have an iPod and I used it entirely for music. Until this course, I never really thought about podcasting as a method of communication. It was never truly applicable to anything I was involved in. I do see the possibilities for use in coaching though. I could envision short clips of basketball moves or new plays for players to study whenever and wherever they want. I think that is something that players would really like.

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    Dexter Young, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Fresno Pacific University, is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Kinesiology.  


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