Traditional methods of networking include face to face meetings, phone calls, and connecting through word of mouth. In today's world, networking seems to be happening more and more online than any other way. In this course, I have dabbled in networking strategies that I might not have otherwise tried such as LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Pages, and Twitter. In basketball, there is still value in making personal connections. The Final Four is an opportunity to network with other coaches across the country. I have also found that when players share their thoughts about you with others players they know, their word can be a powerful networking strategy as well.

Robert Blanken
1/30/2013 14:00:33

I too have had to learn new methods of networking in this course. I've got far too little experience with these newer methods to determine which is most effective but I certainly have a preference to traditional means. The face to face you mentioned has value in coaching. I'm sure it will be around as long as sport exists.

2/1/2013 14:12:15

While I enjoy using the technologies we have covered, I too, prefer the 'face-to-face' interaction. You don't build successful programs if you haven't first built the successful relationships. I know our staff has met with players who can't even make eye contact with you or tell you what's going on and that can be extremely frustrating. I'm ready to tell them to 'tweet' me what they are thinking so at least we will know what is going on!
You talk about the Final Four as if you go there and mingle! :) I must say I'm extremely jealous if that is the case! Talk about a true 'professional' network! That would be an awesome experience.

James Kane
2/1/2013 21:24:33


I agree with you that networking has made a big shift to online methods. I'm also glad that you make the point that in basketball traditional means of networking are still a valued way of doing things. I'm sure that there is still a place and for good old fashioned meet and greets in most professions, but I don't thing there are many fields where it is the powerful tool that is still is in athletics. With scheduled tournaments in which not only athletes and coaches, but also spectators are present, networking is a regular and natural occurence.

Eddie Gonzalez
2/5/2013 15:12:48

I also believe in face to face meeting or interviews, but sometimes that isnt always the case because using professional networking sites allows you to save time, money, and effort. Another tool people are using are skype and facetime to conduct interviews. i think thats pretty cool, but again lacks the actual face to face encounter. but hey thats better than nothing given the circumstances.


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