The article stated that more than 70% of students accessed the internet from their smartphone daily. Based upon my experience, I would have expected that number to be larger. I know of many students, including myself, who are on the internet on their phones quite a bit. In this regard, I agree with the point that educators can benefit by making elements of education more accessible by using the latest technologies. While I understand the benefits that communicating through technology might provide such as increased feelings of connection, sharing of information, and convenience, I think there should remain a balance between interaction online and face to face or direct interaction for the purpose of learning in school. I think it is important that students are tech-savvy especially as technology continues to become such a big part of our personal and professional lives, but I also think that people (especially young children) still need to learn how to communicate and interact with people in the real, non-virtual world. 

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    Dexter Young, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Fresno Pacific University, is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Kinesiology.  


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