Though I have heard of and used Wikipedia many times, I did not really know what the definition of a wiki was. I think the idea of people in different places being able to contribute to a project or body of knowledge is pretty interesting. Now that I think about it, I remember seeing a message on Wikipedia once that said the information needed to be verified. I would assume that a lot of that information should be double checked since anyone who believes that they have knowledge or expertise is able to edit the content. 

One of the articles mentioned people from across the world working on a project or presentation together using a wiki or students in a class building a wiki around a topic of study. I think these are great uses of this type of technology. Though convenient, I can certainly understand now why Wikipedia and other Wiki sites are not allowed as sources in research papers...
Mando Contreras

Great Post! I agree that we must secure the site, wikipedia, before we begin to trust the site. We can post as much information, and find as much information as we want, but we have to make sure that the references are appropriate.


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