My name is Dexter Young. I am originally from Chicago. I now live and coach in Fresno as Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Head Recruiter for FPU. I would like to become a head men's basketball college coach by the time I complete my Master's degree. I am married and have two daughters. I love spending time with my wife and kids (my wife is the best wife in the world)! I absolutely love playing basketball.

I am also the youngest of 13 children and all of our names begin with the letter "D" (we are known as the 13 D's). I have a passion for working with at-risk young men and love to see them develop into men. I have strong faith in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ and look forward to my studies here at FPU.

1/14/2013 05:34:22

Praise God for men like yourself Dexter! I am inspired by your work and will pray that God gives you strength and courage as you continue to influence the lives of young men in your line of work. As a college coach myself I am often distracted by the glamour of competition but as your story reminds me, I need to keep it all in perspective. You are changing lives for eternity and I am grateful for your work and your love for your own family. God Bless!

Dexter Young
1/14/2013 14:53:39


Thanks for your kind words. You're right, as coaches we must remain just as mindful about the lives of the student athletes we lead as we do about wins and losses. God bless you as well.

1/18/2013 05:46:31

You remind me so much of a coach/counselor I work with at a Junior High in Minnesota. He is such an amazing influence on our young at-risk boys. He takes the time to really work with them and teach them how to be "young men". I'm so grateful to have him in our building and I know your colleagues and athletes feel the same way about you. Thank you for making your life's work about helping young kids be the best people they can be. You help them have a chance to have a successful life. There's no better gift you can give a young person!


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    Dexter Young, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Fresno Pacific University, is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Kinesiology.  


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