Microblogging seems to be an easy way of conveying information quickly. An example of this is posting or finding live scores and updates from sporting events. I am not personally interested in having a Twitter account. In fact, my usage will likely be limited to use for this course but I can see how this type of tool could be useful and even fun for those who wish to stay informed on current event.

1/10/2013 02:16:30 pm


Great site! I enjoyed reading your posts. I'm surprised to hear you don't use twitter. I started using it and absolutely love it. You can personalize it for what ever info you want. It's so much more than just following 'famous' people! There is some outstanding coaching content out there. You can follow other coaches (or maybe players or possible recruits?) and get great information. I use it for leadership, motivational, and spiritual connections, as well as coaching and teaching info. I also connect with some of my players through twitter. I look forward to getting to know you better during this program! Good luck.

Dexter Young
1/14/2013 02:49:55 pm

Thanks for the suggestions, Darin. I know of many coaches and players who use this media. I will remain open minded about it as I learn more about it during this course. Good luck to you as well.

James Kane
1/14/2013 10:58:06 am


I also created my twitter account for the purpose of this course. Maybe we can both find ways to use it as a tool beyond this. I wonder if you can use it to help generate excitement among your fan base for your basketball program. A tweet here and there from the coach might just put a few more people in the seats?!

Dexter Young
1/14/2013 02:47:35 pm

That's a good idea, James. Many coaches and athletic programs have twitter accounts to engage with the fans these days.


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